Response to Grandmas Rocks LLC
Written by Administrator
Tuesday, 24 September 2013 09:19
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Many Talking Rock Creek Resort property owners have received a letter in the mail from Grandmas Rocks, LLC. The letter makes many inaccurate statements regarding TRCRA property values, homeowner dues, and will offer to take the property from the owner for a small amount of money.

These are the facts:

The real estate recession did affect property and land values – everywhere, not just at Talking Rock Creek Resort.  Many lots that sold for a higher price in past years are no longer valued the same. However, many lots have recently been sold in Talking Rock Creek Resort; past sales prices may or may not be directly related to current prices. A real estate agent can help determine the current value of your property.

Grandmas Rocks, LLC has not visited your property at TRCRA; the information has been obtained from the county Tax Assessors website.  This is a public website.

The slope of your property does not determine its buildability.  A lot owner should get a perk test (septic) completed on the property before building; knowing the results of that test will determine buildability. A contractor can help determine the cost of a septic system installation.

The TRCRA annual dues are $600 per lot, not $1050. Any dues or taxes incurred while you are property owner are your responsibility, and cannot be transferred via a property sale.
Nonpayment of taxes or property dues does not affect a homeowner’s credit, and a few years of TRCRA dues will not pay for a new car.

Property values and taxes determined by the county Tax Assessor do not necessarily reflect the sales price of property. If you no longer wish to own property at Talking Rock Creek Resort, you would be better off consulting with a real estate agent and listing your property (or selling it yourself), rather than paying someone to take it from you.


If you have questions, please contact the office staff: 706-334-2519